GPSCY Membership Policy

Gryphon’s Pub at GPSCY has been serving the graduate & professional community at Yale since 1972.  In accord with the CT Liquor Control Act, our club liquor license designates GPSCY as a social organization for members and their guests (Section 30-23).  According to the GPSS by-laws, all currently enrolled graduate & professional students are considered members of GPSS and therefore by extension are also members of the Graduate and Professional Student Center at Yale (GPSCY).  Spouses of members are granted the same benefits as members by the CT LCA (Section 30-24).

In order to provide the G&P community with great drink prices and amazing events throughout the year, GPSCY charges a nightly cover between $2 and $5.  By purchasing a GPSCY sticker for $20 per year one does not have to pay the nightly door cover (except on Halloween and Mardi Gras).  We will continue to sell GPSCY stickers for $20 per year to current G&P students, their spouses, alumni, post-docs, research associates, and med residents.

Those who are not considered members of GPSCY, as described above, must be accompanied by a member to enter and must sign the guestbook (CT LCA, Section 30-23a), regardless of whether they have purchased the GPSCY sticker.

By purchasing a sticker, you affirm that you are 21 years old and understand and agree to the provisions of GPSCY’s entrance policy.

How to Purchase a GPSCY Sticker

If you would like to purchase your 2017-2018 GPSCY sticker we are currently selling them at the door during our business hours. Please bring your Yale ID and a government issued ID to serve as proof of age.

In accordance with CT state liquor law, all patrons must be at least 21 years of age and provide valid government-issued proof of age to enter. GPSCY reserves the right to deny entry, particularly due to ineligibility or inappropriate behavior.

The Graduate and Professional Student Center at Yale (GPSCY) is a social center and operates a student-run bar, Gryphon’s Pub; all individuals enrolled as graduate or professional students are members. We seek to provide a respectful, welcoming, and safe environment for everyone who patronizes GPSCY.

In pursuit of this aim, as as a result of ongoing conversations between GPSCY's management, the Secretary and Vice President for Student Life Kimberly Goff-Crews, Deputy Provost for Academic Resources Lloyd Suttle, and members of the Graduate and Professional Student Senate—currently, Justin White (President), Lucia Qian (Vice President), and Alexander Urry (Treasurer), GPSCY will be enhancing training for the staff at the bar and at the door, exploring additional ways to work with the Yale Police Department, and ensuring transparency of relevant laws and procedures, including those related to access, exit, safety, and the serving of alcohol.

GPSCY is committed to being a place where all graduate and professional students feel welcome.