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Want to have the best student job in town? GPSCY is looking to hire people who will be around for a few years and are interested in working at the bar for a while. It’s a fun, dynamic job and ideal for folks who have research or reading to do during the day, or for spouses and partners of grad/pro students looking for a part-time job and a great community. You will join an eclectic staff of awesome people from every nook and cranny of the Yale graduate and professional student community. Please read more about the job details HERE. If interested, please email Laura at laura.smith@gpscy.net.  This job is truly the best and I can't recommend it enough!!! 


Your loving senators provide the food, we provide the cheap potent potables.

8/18 Senate + GPSCY Happy Hour 6-8pm

We're back! Welcome in new students or greet old ones with some FREE BEER, free food, and a DJ Dance Party feat. DJ Christie C at 9:30pm. Not to be missed! 

8/19 Senate + GPSCY Welcome Back BBQ + DANCE PARTY 7pm

Sing your heart out with a band to back you up! Be the rock star you want to see in the world! 

9/1 Live Band Karaoke